Canon MDS

Canon MDS

MDS Cloud Program Features MDS Cloud is designed to simplify the managed print process and add value to your relationships with customers for both Canon and other-branded printing devices 

• Manage and collect meter readings from networked and locally connected devices (Canon and other-branded models) on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. • Automatically import meter reads directly into accounting systems.                   Canon Solutions America Meter Reads "Web site" go now!

• Gain control through ongoing management of supply levels. • Just-in-time supply delivery is proactive supply and service fulfillment that makes a customer’s supply management predictive, with toner arriving at their department or desktop before they run out! • Supply shipment tracking monitors the status of a supply replacement shipment via the Canon Third-Party Intelligence Portal supply management interface and tracking dashboard.

• Service alerts are tracked through the MDS Cloud interface, allowing your service technicians to triage an issue over the phone and determine the correct replacement parts and course of action, before dispatching a technician. • Error reporting by device or fleet-wide offers a clear picture of the health of a customer’s printing fleet, allowing you to quickly determine service trends that could lead to device replacement. 

• Create a customized information portal for your customers and provide access to data about their unique devices, fleet, and printing trends. • Customer Dashboard displays usage statistics, rich data charts, and tables in one consolidated interface.

• Quarterly business reviews are an effective way to stay connected with your customers on an ongoing basis. • Do volume increases in one department warrant a new device? Are some devices being over utilized or under utilized? Is there a new workflow process that’s changed the type of output a customer requires? Keeping on top of these smaller issues as they arise may help reduce the need for any larger, more invasive changes down the road. • Your sales team can leverage data collected via MDS Cloud to help them work with customers to optimize their fleets and/or sell more hardware. • You can create custom reports for your own internal sales analysis as well as customer facing reports, quickly, by clicking just one button.* 

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